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December 2008
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Back we went and headed into the, uh, plague quarter? It’s the one with the dancing boss.. Whichever that is.. (I love that fight btw.. I survived until the end on all of them.. Guess I can dance gooot!). We got through all those and even 1-shot Loatheb (the one with an insane number of hit points and healing that only works 3 seconds at a time). We then one-shot Patchwerk in the construct wing and then killed Instructor Razuvious in the military section.

We did pretty well, all things considered. These were all bosses we had gotten down, but some of the people in the raid hadn’t seen them before. Nothing all that interesting dropped for me (hunter lootz) until the last boss we hit, Razuvious… He dropped one of the two things I was looking at in his loot tables, the Accursed Bow of the Elite (I have dubbed thee “BatBow”). Being the only hunter there, I won it. 😛

WoWScrnShot_121708_233129 It has a little less AP than the crossbow I had (from heroic UK) but has some +hit and other stats are improved too. I want to pick up one of the crit scopes for it I think. After the run, I bit the bullet and bought the mats to make the Giantmaim LW items: Giantmaim Legguards and Giantmaim Bracers. Did the LW enchants I can do on them and I’m good to go. I waited on the cloak I can make since the mats for that were much more expensive. I happened to have the 2 frozen orbs for the Giantmaim stuff already.

So, anyway, I’m lookin pretty spiffy in my new gear. We’ll see how it performs tonight when we go back into Naxx for more! Ha.. 😀 Later all!