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December 2008
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Spidernaxx, Spidernaxx

Ok.. so, no continuation of yesterday’s post.. This one is all today! So, the guild has decided (at least a bunch of “us”) that we’re back on the full time raiding schedule pretty much. We’re starting on Tuesdays now with the Obsidian Sanctum. After downing that one quick (and usually.. dirty) we move on to the Spider Wing of Naxx.

Last night we did just that. We took down the boss in OS in one shot (and I was among many who were still alive). No loot for me though (ah well). Then moved onto Naxx. We had a few issues with the first spiderboss again, but finally got him down after a few tries (Hint, have the hunter with aspect of the pack in the group with the warrior. It helps a bit when trying to kite the boss using aotp… LOL). We one shot the next boss (sloppily, but we did it) and then had a fun wipefest on the last one.. Maxine just kicked our butts time and time again.. We finally got her down, but, like the others, it wasn’t pretty.

Nothing huntery dropped last night but I have hopes that I’ll pick something up tonight maybe. We’re moving back into the plague quarter.  Of course, before that I need to go farm up some more herbs again.. Making the elixirs is tough. If I could get my druid to 77, I could fly around.. Would be much easier.

Also, got my Priest up to 400 in tailoring. Now to spend some spider silk to level up some more.. Haha..  Yeah, tonight is more naxx.. I’ll let you know how it goes..

I’m going to try something here.. I’m going to add a “Photo Album” from Window Live Writer.. Lets see how it works…

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