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December 2008
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Having Fhuun in the Nexus

Before I get too far into the Nexus, let me account for what came before. Prior to the late (very late) night run on my level 71 Priest, Fhuun, I joined up with a group for heroics again. This time we only had 1 healer involved. We tried to get moving in Gundrak Heroic, but the snake boss took us out over and over.

We gave up and went to do the non-heroic daily,  Caverns of Time: The Culling of Stratholme. Got it done, but you really don’t get much in the way of reputation from that run. So, we then decided to go back to Utgarde Keep and run THAT one Heroic. We made it to the end without too many issues and got some badges and lootz. Nothing, I think, for the Hunter dropped, but getting the badges is pretty good.

UK_120908_233519 Afterwards, I jumped on Fhuun and made my way to Coldarra to get some quests done. He dinged there and I talked to some fellow guildies paying their alts if they wanted to take a shot the Nexus. We got 3 other guildies and then picked up someone LFG.. The run went flawlessly. Nobody died at all (of course, we had 2 healers even if I was doing dps). We went through the place like buttah.. 😛

WoWScrnShot_121008_014748 Did the quests there for additional XP and some gear and when we were done, I did even more Coldarra quests (they are a lot of fun) and then called it a night. I was happy to get to 71 and I’m almost half-way through it already.

Other than that, Episode 26 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast featuring our blogger of the week, Big Red Kitty (or maybe he should be blogger of the year?). Go listen, it was great fun talking to him for an hour or so.

That’s it! Go listen, go play, go have fun! Later all

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