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December 2008
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Second Culling

Well, actually it was my first, but First Culling doesn’t sound as punny.. 😛

The night started with me doing the daily cooking, as usual and then running to Sholazar to farm for meat and leather. I was whispered, as usual, about running heroics and said sure. This time we had 2 healers (druid/priest) so we were a little lower on DPS than other runs, but I think it helped quite a bit having the 2 at this point in our “heroic” lives.

We started with Utgarde Pinnacle.. I know.. It’s a somewhat difficult place but we wanted to see what we could do.  We did pretty well on the first boss and even the second wasn’t bad (one shot both). The third though, the guy on the dragon? No dice. We tried many many times to get him down, but he kept one shotting healers as he jumped down.. Ah well, maybe next time.

WoWScrnShot_120908_002510 Once we gave up on him, we decided to give a shot at the Culling of Strat.. I hadn’t done it before, but we decided to try it on Heroic anyway.  Actually 4/5 of us hadn’t done it. None of us had done it on heroic.. I have to say it is a very cool instance. Very story driven (like most of the rest of the CoT intsances) and lots of fun. I can see pushing to get the timed event done. I think we probably could have done it if we knew what we were doing and hadn’t wiped once or twice.. (that run back is brutal!)

WoWScrnShot_120808_230710 We got all the bosses in one shot at least. Mal’ganis was a push-over. The hardest for us was the 2nd to last one who pinballs between people like the last boss in Shattered Halls (only longer and more annoyingly). Anyway…

So, after we finished that, the call went out for an alt run for regular Utgarde Keep. Well, Fhuun could use some instance experience, so I offered up his services.. Turns out we ended up with 2 priests. The other was Disc specced but offered to go ahead and heal and I could DPS.  So, Fhuun did pretty well and hit around 800dps with the disc/holy build I have (additional points in some of the DPS talents for leveling).

WoWScrnShot_120808_212506 Nothing EXTREMELY spectacular dropped, but I did get a few pieces that would be improvements if enchanted possibly. Fhuun does have 4/5 T4, so it might be a while before he sees upgrades, although it looks like badge gear and above is really the point where you see nothing for a really long time. He almost hit 71 after turning in the quests and maybe next will be nexus.  I should start on the quests in Calderra I guess so he is ready.  Those were pretty fun anyway. It should be much quieter now than when the xpac was first released.

Anyway, not sure what tonight will bring.. Probably more heroics I guess. I still have to get Fizz to 65 and all the other goals I have. I think we also might be heading back into Naxx this Friday to give it a shot now that we have upgraded a bit.  Anyway, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.