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December 2008
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Locked in Stone

This weekend was a weekend of Heroics.  I was going to spend some time leveling Fyra with Pil and Kezz (Trae and Jordey) but we got pulled into a couple heroic runs. We did UK and Nexus that night and did alright. The next night I got pulled into a Halls of Stone heroic and that didn’t go so hot. We got 1 boss down and the maiden pretty much wiped the floor with us repeatedly.. Bah!

On a good note, I did get my fishing up to 301 yesterday. Just 54 more levels to go and I can fish without loss in parts of Northrend.. Woot! Anyway.. Fhuun is still level 70. I’d like to take him into a few instances, but not many peeps are running the non-heroic lower level instances. He IS holy spec though, so he should be able to find something.. You’d think… Anyway, he is doing the quests in BT since I haven’t really done those yet. He’s not moving along very quickly, but then again the beginning was tough for Fimlys too.

WoWScrnShot_120608_010831 Over the weekend Fimlys also picked up Honored with Sons of Hodir so he can now get his low-level shoulder enchant. Also he got the mining bag lw pattern that many people have been asking me about in the guild. In addition, he also got honored with Ebon Blade and picked up the quiver lw pattern. Still needs about 66% to get to revered and get the head enchant.  I need to make a trip to CE to pick up one there for now.

Anyway. That’s the weekend in a nutshell. Did more quests in Icecrown too, but still not done there yet. Tonight I am not sure what I will be doing.  It will either be questing in Icecrown or working on Fhuun I guess. Depends on if someone decides to drag me into heroics or not… LOL.. Have a good one!

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