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November 2008
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Basin to Drak

Again a night of questing and I am still loving it. Had a great time finishing up the Sholazar Basin quests, especially the ones that take you through the two factions. WoWHead has a great post about it on their blog, go read it. I then followed my plan and headed to Zul’Drak, stopping by Dalaran on the way.

Zul’Drak is a very cool zone too. Very different from almost any other I can think of in the game. Having a flying mount definitely helps in this zone. There are a bunch of little quest hubs, as usual, and lots of flight points, which is cool. The quest line that has you doing stuff for the “Death Knight” faction is awesome. You get to disguise yourself as a ghoul and do quests for the scourge.. There are some pretty cool game mechanics in there, mostly centered around “controlling” a mob to do something for you. (Very Scourge-like, eh?)

Ghoulme_112608_003544 So, anyway. I dinged 78 and picked up a new wasp in Sholazar..  In quests for the two factions, the Frenzyheart side has a quest to kill her. It’s the Sapphire Hive Queen! And she doesn’t shrink all that much when you tame her either. She just looks awesome. Of course, this is saving for instances/raids. Leveling is still just the ‘rilla! I had some trouble coming up with a name. Not that I couldn’t think of one though.  I tried “Queenie”, but it is reserved. I tried “QueenBee” (I know it isn’t a bee.. :P) but it was reserved.. Then.. I figured I might loosly follow the trend I started with my Rhino naming (see previous post for more information) and I named her “QueBee”… You like?

Drakuru_LK_112608_015047 So, I got very close to 79, but again, it got too late and I couldn’t finish it up. I think I am about 359k away from leveling.. So, it’s getting very close. I’m sure I’ll pick that up pretty quick tonight and then be on my way to getting the final level.. Maybe I’ll just stay up until I’m done! My plan is still to finish up the achievement for quests in Zul’Drak and then move onto Stormpeaks and finish off there.  Icecrown will wait until I am already 80 and I’ll do the quests there for the extra gold you get from being max level.

So, if I don’t blog again until next week, everyone in the US have a happy turkeyday and I’ll see you on the other side! (Don’t eat too much…).. OH! And Episode 24 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is up! Go Listen!

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