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November 2008
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Lucky Number 77

I pushed it last night and finally hit the magical flying number.. 77 is mine! Fimlys hit 77 late last night and hearthed to Dalaran. Ponied up my gold and then promptly was dropped from the sky into the town due to no-fly restrictions.. WTF!?!? .. Oh well. 

Prior to reaching that lofty height (and .. low) he spent much of his time this weekend questing, questing and doing more quests… I have the quest achievement now for HF, DB and as of hitting 77, give or take a quest, GH.. I now have a decision on which zone to head to next. I was thinking SB, but I also hear that SP is pretty cool..

WoWScrnShot_112308_235910 More than likely I will stick with SB. I’m sure that Nesingwary has some kill 8,000 of this critter to get a cool gun quests… And I think I can skin everything I kill.. Woot! 

Also got a group together to run Drak’Tharon Keep (spelled right?) so I could get the quests I had for there done. Pretty nice quest line finishes up there with a bit of a twist. The other thought of mine was to move into Zul’Drak so I can get whatever quests there are for Gundrak. Gundrak was a pretty cool instance, I’d say personally (of course, I like all of the Northrend instances so far).

WoWScrnShot_112208_235643 I guess I’ll just have to give it a shot and see how it goes. I’m hoping to be 80 before the end of the week, but with Thanksgiving coming up (here in the US) and having family staying over for that, it eats into my play time a bit! Eh, I’m sure I’ll make it.. 🙂 Then it is time for Fyra, right?


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