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November 2008
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Waiting on the Loot King

First, I have to say that WotLK is great. You can hear a lot about my adventures so far in the next Twisted Nether. Bre and I talk FOREVER about it..

What am I not enjoying? The queues.. Of course.. We’re not as bad as some, but it does cut into my play time. I wish I could already create a Death Knight on other servers where I Don’t have a lvl 55.  I would roll on some lower pop server and play on my other account while trying to get onto Draenor.

Anyway, so I got Fimlys to 72 last night doing some instances (We’ve done Utgard, Nexus, Azjol-Narub (az-noob) and the other Ahk’something at az-noob).  WoWScrnShot_111308_121511 I’m loving each and every instance so far. Each is very different from the other and I have to say the bosses in Ahk-noob are just awesome. I also got my wasp, Slacker, to level 71 last night and Rico, the Gorillililla, is almost 71 also (like 1.7k to go.. lol).  Fim has been questing mostly in HF (although he did some quests in BT and Coldarra too).

Fyra is on her way to level 71. She has been going slower because I am leveling her exclusively with Traebear and Jordey (Kezz’s priest), but we’ve been doing instances on other toons instead of leveling those.

Gondola_111408_204707 Fim has also maxxed out Skinning (thanks to instances with lots of skinnable mobs) and is now > 400 in LW.  I even applied the new bracer patch that gives like +114 AP! Very Very awesome… Fim also got a port to Dalaran from our first lvl 74 mage in the guild (Thanks blue!) so he’s been running around there and even did one of the cooking quests.

In general, I am having a blast with WotLK.. Oh! And Fim also got that Achievement for killing some number of turkeys in 3 min. Hint: Best place to farm the turkeys is just west of the Expedition Outpost in HF (at the crossroads there). Careful, when you earn the achievement lots of stuff becomes aggressive that wasn’t before.. It changes back when you die though (dunno if it does otherwise).

So, anyway.. I’ll leave you with a bunch of screenshots from the few days I’ve been running around in Northrend.. Have a good one!

WoWScrnShot_111508_234033 WoWScrnShot_111508_043519
WoWScrnShot_111508_004824 WoWScrnShot_111408_232713
WoWScrnShot_111408_010354 WoWScrnShot_111408_000456
WoWScrnShot_111308_115739 WoWScrnShot_111308_113638
WoWScrnShot_111608_231524 Drake_111708_002736

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