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November 2008
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A Tale of Two Lines

Ok, so my Wrath midnight release post is late.. Sorry 🙂

Yes, I did meet up with Mania and BRK.  They tell the story pretty well as far as I am concerned.. I drove about 40 minutes each way and it was well worth it to spend the time waiting with people I “knew”. We had interviewed Mania previously on TNB and obviously I read BRK all the time.. 😛

IMG_3128 So anyway, there were 2 lines when we got there after dinner (yes, I had dinner with BRK and Mania and her husband). One line was for getting all “finalized”.  You got your final receipt with it’s little highlighted line and then you got to move to the OTHER line. This one was not going to be moving until midnight.  It wrapped down the mall and around the corner.. There had to be well over 100 people there. Mostly male, of course, with some scattered females (sounds like a weather report).

IMG_3129 Even met up with a fan (woot! we have 1), Stirling. He found us in line and actually wanted to talk to me (as opposed to everyone else who just wanted to talk to BRK or Mania). It was very cool. Had a great time and about 15 minutes after midnight I was on my way home. Stay tuned for the next TNB where you will hear all the audio recording I did on my grand journey..

What did I do when I got home? I installed the game, of course. But, I had  CE coming in the mail.. So this was for my alt account.. AHHHH! No 70s on the alt account.. I made a DK instead and had a bit of fun starting out.  Then it was pretty late and I was tired from all the driving.. So, I saved the rest for the morning…

Another definition for the acronym TBC….

To Be Continued……