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November 2008
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I have no idea. Anyway, am I getting prepared for WotLK? Um, not really. I did some stuff last month to help prepare (sell a bunch of stuff, etc.) but I really just don’t know. I no longer have 4 70s and 5 60s… I now have 4 70s, 1 62, 1 61 and 3 60s… And, more than likely, I will have a 55 come Thursday.

This weekend I got Fizz up to 61 and was invited to join a Ramps/Furnace run. There was an extra spot, so I also dragged along Fellmara (my lock), so she got to level 61 from all her efforts and Fizz hit 62 the next day (he was pretty close). Oh, and since Fell got to 61, she could go buy her new mount.. 😀 woot!

WoWScrnShot_110908_025543 Since I have been leaving all the “sillies” as my posts lately, I didn’t get to say much about Rico, my new Feralas Ape. I love the look of those Gorillas and so went and tamed one. Yes, he was 65 after I tamed him. No, he isn’t 70 yet. I do have him to 66 at least though.

Also this weekend, we did a retro-run. We got about 15-20 people together and ran AQ40. We skipped all the optional bosses but got stuck at the Twin Emperors. They are just crazy..

WoWScrnShot_110808_224409 We did another Z’A run last night and I got to heal (for a change). This wasn’t the ‘regular’ Z’A group, which was fine, but because of a bit of experience (even just in same people, different toon) we only got 2 timed chests.  We also only got the first 3 bosses down (Eagle,Bear,Drgaonhawk). We just couldn’t get Halazzi down in the time allotted. It was okay though. I had a good time and Fhuun got a bit of a workout.

WoWScrnShot_110908_023851 Tonight I won’t be playing WoW since it is my wedding anniversary. I’ll be back tomorrow in a big push to “get stuff done” before the expansion releases.  I will not have much time to play on wed, since I am heading out to a midnight release and plan to be there around 10:30pm or so.

Anyway, I am outta here! If I don’t talk to you beforehand, good luck on Wotlk.. 😛

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