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October 2008
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TKs For the Mummies

Happy Halloween! Ok.. Now that we got that out of the way, down to some srs bsns. Last night was TK night! I have decided that I am having some serious FUN playing Fimlys again.. Woot! I am really loving the changes they made and being back in MM is great.

So, TK. We did a pretty good job with A’lar, despite me being dead for most of the fight (2 times). We then moved on to Void Reaver and he was pretty much a piece of cake. Then we went to a boss I hadn’t done yet (even though the guild had), Solarian. Pretty fun fight.  We wiped quite a few times as people got used to noticing if they had the “time to fly” debuff.. 😛

WoWScrnShot_103008_231802 Finally got her down and our foray into TK was at an end. I then pulled out the Shamlock duo and started my first few quests in Outland (Woot!). One of the first quests in HH is to kill some demons.. Well, turns out that with RAF, you get almost 30k xp from that quest.. OMG! So, then I went and did the one to kill orcs.. And guess what?  Ding! 59! So, I’ve got to grant levels to my Warrior now to 59 and then go about finishing them up to level 60. 

Dead_103108_001102 We don’t have any raids planned tonight due to Halloween, so maybe I’ll drag someone into Scholo or just have them help with a couple of outlands quests.. I should get there quick.. In addition, Fimlys needs to shed some +hit.  Which means replacing some of the +hit gear with other stuff I can find. There is a nice badge belt I can get and also a ring to replace one of my rings with +hit.  I would love to add some more +haste since my steady is still (un-aided) at 1.7s cast at this point.. (I want 1.5 again).

WoWScrnShot_103008_230158 I think I might finally have enough badges to get one of the belt or ring now.  I was also thinking it might be fun to get a 5-man group together to try to do Kara.  I think it would be pretty awesome and at least more of a challenge than 10-manning it is now. But then again, if 10 ppl wanna come, that’s fine too.. We can blast through it and pick up a bunch o’ badges along the way.

Ok.. that’s it for me.. Have a good time with the candy-night and I’ll speek wit u on Monday. 😛