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October 2008
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Sticky to the Plan

I’m the man with the Plan.. Well, I’ve got lots of plans. I’ve even got a bridge somewhere in here… Wanna buy it? >.< … Soo… My plans.. Yeah, plans for the next couple of weeks.

Lets start with last night! “Wait Fim!”, I hear you say. “That’s not the next couple of weeks.” You are right! But it’s my blog and I can bend the space/time continuum all I want.. So there!

Last night we did an interesting raid mixture.  Gruul, Mags, Hydross, Lurker. All one shotted except for Mags which had a real bad timing thing going (fallout from the roof in addition to having to click the cubes at the same time). Fyra went and the only thing she got for her troubles ( 😛 ) was mags head… Ewww…

Afterwards I ran Fellmara (warlock) and Filly (shaman) around Kalimdor collecting Candy. They got about 13k xp for each bucket due to RAF and I got them from 57-58 purely on those buckets. I could probably get almost to 59 on them also, but my PLAN is to head them over to outlands and HFP and level them there (so they can get the good gear from the quests)

WoWScrnShot_102908_001656 Ok.. Back to the plan.  Really, I’m not sure which plan I want to go with. I am almost done with the one toon at 60+ for each class… I then have the professions. I am close to 375 on engineering and have a long way to go on Blacksmithing. I’ve been enjoying raiding all sorts of stuff we hadn’t gotten to yet with the guild and I just need a few days of dailies on my druid to get Exalted with SSO.

So, anyway.  Tonight is the continuation of the SSC run we started last night. We’re also taking some time to look into some DKP(ish) systems for WotLK. If you have a suggestion, let me know.

Oh! And last but not least, Twisted Nether Blogcast #22 is up! Go check it out.