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October 2008
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That’s my guess for the ore or somesuch in the 5th expansion for

WoW… Well, it’s my vote.. 😀 I’m back! Sorry for missing Monday. It’s just been a busy time lately. I’m still working on getting episode 22 out the door and into your, uh, hands…

This weekend was a little slow for me. On Friday we downed A’lar and the Loot Reaver in TK. On Sunday it was about the new boss in Kara (we ran it a couple of times) and then last night we did a full one-shot run of Z’A including getting all 4 chests in the timed run with about 5-6 minutes to spare. I then got another Kara (new boss) run together.

WoWScrnShot_102408_232730 I finally played my rogue again for more than a few minutes (to just do enchanting or JC) and, besides just not knowing what I am doing, I am enjoying the assassination spec I have now. The combo points are just coming fast and furious. If some helpful rogue wants to leave a comment helping me out with what I am supposed to be doing, that would be awesome.

WoWScrnShot_102508_001812 I haven’t done much with Hallow’s End (other than use the buckets to level my Refer-A-Friend toons) or the Scourge invasion stuff yet. I’m really wanting to concentrate on getting my little toons to 60. I have the shaman/warlock/warrior all up to 57 now. I’m thinking 58 might be time to move to Outland. At least they will get some good quest gear if I do.

Ah well, I’m gonna head out now. I’ve got to get back to audio editing! Catch ya later.