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October 2008
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Pain in the Theras

The continuation of SSC was scheduled last night and when we finally had enough peeps we headed in to see our pal, Leo. Last week we had a few wipes, but eventually got him down. This week.. Not so lucky.

I brought Fyra in and we had wipe after wipe after wipe after wipe. We even traded out a mage for his priest to help with healing (and give fort buff) and a melee shaman for his mage to give us more ranged DPS (bad melee DPS fight). Still, in the end, he lives. When the trash re-spawned we called it a night.

Down_102308_233021 Afterwards, I jumped on the shamlock duo and found someones to help run my duo and Jess’ rogue through BRD. My lock and shaman started at level 54 1/3 (or so) and I ended last night at almost 57. Quests in there give anywhere from 30k to 40k xp with refer-a-friend bonus. I also picked up a bunch of blues along the way, since my guys were in desperate need of upgrades…

Dead_102408_024515 Tonight, we are scheduled for a TK run and then we’re recording episode 22 of the podcast. If you have any questions or comments you’d like us to read/play on the air, send me email or leave a voicemail. Contact information is on the TNB page. I’d love to get some feedback from “non-bloggers”, if there are any of you out there, that listen to the podcast.

BaelGar_102408_025455 Next stop on the shamlock rollercoaster? Well, I do have to get the candy buckets done in Kalimdor (and the last one in EK is Lights Hope). I would think that WP/EP would be the next step and maybe a run-through of Scholo (which I found pretty fun last time). That stuff should easily get me to 59 when I will grant my warrior levels up to 59.. Then to just push a bit to 60 on all three of them… I want to get to 59 before the event ends so I can run around and get candy to level the warrior 🙂

Ah well, that’s it for today. Have a good weekend!