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October 2008
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T Time

Ok, after taking time to re-announce my loyalty to my Hunter, I have to say bein’ tha Boomkin is just.. well.. fun! Was I the very tip-top dps of the raid to SSC last night? No, but I was up there. We’re all getting up there which is really cool.

So, yeah, we headed into SSC last night and when asked whom I would like to bring, I decided on the drood. She runs a little shorter on the “burst DPS”, but her mana efficiency (especially with the mana regen from the raid too) is second to none (that I have tried anyway).  Unless I am dead, I end each fight with almost a full mana bar. Of course, they are taking away the mana on crit multiple times for hurricane (boo!), but that was to be expected I guess. But.. I’m not talking about those (doing 2.7k dps with hurricane on the murlocs is just priceless..). I’m talking about just wrath spam here.. (MF/IS included)

WoWScrnShot_102208_223551So, back to SSC. We had no trouble at all with Hydross or The Lurker. Tidewalker gave us a little heart attack before we really started when he aggroed someone, but we could reset him and did. Got him down in one shot also. We were pushing around 16k raid DPS throughout the place, which, from our perspective, was pretty darn good. Karathress, which was the last boss we did last night gave us issues. But then again, he gave us issues last time too. We just had a few too many deaths too quick, or maybe people just not knowing what they were supposed to be doing. The final time we tried (and succeeded) we made it look insanely easy.. You’d almost think we knew what we were doing! Of course, 3 tokens drop. Two of them are the druid ones.. And I finally got a good roll! T5 Pants for the feathery one! Woot!

WoWScrnShot_102208_231950 Once we were done, I swapped to the Shaman/Lock duo and ran around doing quests in the Burning Steppes. I was trying really hard to get The True Masters questline and could not, for the life of me, figure out why the quest giver was not offering it to me.. Then I realized.. It’s Ony… Ony is not in the throne room anymore (supposedly) and so you cannot do this chain to free Windsor… Because he has nobody to confront! Bah.. That’s a bunch of XP down the tubes.. Wish I had done it before the patch..

shamlock_102308_014008 I did have fun running around killing stuff though and got them a ways over level 54 (was level 52), ending with picking up candy from the buckets.. That got me 11k+ each turn in now.  I still have all of Kalimdor to do and 2 locations in the EK. I don’t know what the plans are for tonight (raid-wise, etc), but I would assume a continuation of SSC. If not, maybe I’ll finally try HH.. Fimlys already has the helmet from last year 🙂

Have a good one!

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