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October 2008
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Man of the Marks

Ok.. I’ve fallen in love with my Hunter again.. 🙂 I liked playing him before the patch, just didn’t need anything from anywhere really (well, not at the level we were at) and was just having more fun with the Boomkin.  Well, last night I dragged him into Gruuls and Mags.  Ugh.. I’m getting ahead of myself again…

First… I logged in (isn’t that how most good stories start?). I ran around on Fizz trying to get the parts for his Mote Extractor when I was whispered that we were possibly going to be going to Gruuls/Mags tonight. “Sure”, I replied.. Then a certain Divinely Guided soul whispered me from her alias on Draenor.

I chatted with Lin for a while until we were notified in no uncertain terms that the server was going down! Well, I guess that was better than it just going down… So.. I’ll go log to Feathermoon and hang with Lin and the Annas for a while… WHAT? FM is down too? Oh.. now I see what she was doing on my server.. 😛

WoWScrnShot_102108_232956 So, we picked another server and rolled some little Night Elves. I picked a warrior (no idea why, just felt like it) and she rolled a druid (of course).  We ran around the starting zone a while until Draenor was back up and we started gathering for the raid. I had created the toon on my other account so I continued to follow her around harassing her until we finally went into Gruuls (where I guess I had to start paying some attention).

Ok.. Back to where we started now, yes? So, I have to say I am impressed with the MM specced Hunter’s burst DPS. We now have many instant cast spells including Chimera Shot (which I am LOVING). In addition, the cool mechanics of everything really lend a sense of strategy to your rotations now. I also got back my silencing shot (which I have missed) and it correctly acts as an interrupt now (as far as I can tell).

WoWScrnShot_102108_235942 We had only 18 peeps in the raid (4 healers, 4 tanks, 10 dps) and on the Gruul fight, we pumped out around 10k raid dps.. I did figure out that I end up tanking Kiggler no matter if I am on my druid or not .. 😛 .. After Gruul we headed to Mags and after one wipe do to a bad beginning, we pull ‘em down without any issues. I ended up walking away with nothing but the badges and Earthen Signet (from Gruul) for my troubles, but that was enough.

It was getting late when we finished, but I logged in my Shaman/Lock duo anyway to try to get them moving past 52.  First thing actually, I logged my Warrior up with the Shaman and granted all the RAF levels I had been waiting on.  He is now up to 52 also. I have no idea how to play him of course, and his gear is like level 22 gear.. but.. It’s the principal of the thing.. LOL

I started collecting the quests for BRD and then I got a little tired so called it a night. Tonight we have an SSC raid scheduled. I’m not sure whether I’ll ask to bring Fyra or Fimlys tonight.. I suppose I could also bring Fhuun for some extra heals… I guess we’ll have to see.