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October 2008
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Into the Void

As the title indicates, we headed into TK last night. I originally asked to bring Fimlys (you remember, my hunter…) but we were short on healers, so I offered to switch to Fhuun.  Of course, Fhuun is specced holy buff-bot so everyone else (2 druids, 1 CoH priest, 1 Resto Shaman) got off their heals well before I did during the trash.

I spent some time DPSing and just trying to renew anything in sight (since every time I cast even flash heal I was overhealing..)  I admit some fights I was useful, but that was because the other healers died .. LOL

WoWScrnShot_102008_225748 Anyway.. to the main point.  We head into Loot Reaver’s room.. Clear it out without too much incident (other than a particular melee shaman enjoying spending time on the floor) and then get ready for the boss.  The RL reads up on some strats and we finally give it a go…  About 2 minutes into the fight (maybe less) everyone stops moving… “Uh oh”.. “Oh no”.. “Oh Crap…” is heard on vent so we know that everyone is experiencing the same thing…

POOF..  Draenor is Voided.  Doesn’t even show up on the list of servers at all anymore..  AGHHH! WoWScrnShot_102008_215112Maybe we Should have started with A’lar.. LOL.. The server was down for a few hours and when I finally got back in at around 11pm server time (pacific), all I had time to do was my Inscription Research stuff, make a scroll and some ink for Jess, and decide that I was too tired to do anything else.

So, basically I ended up watching TV most of the night.. 😛

Oh! When I got back in and was screwing around clearing out and organizing my bank on Fizz, a fan (yeah yeah.. I have 1 or 2 I guess..) whispered me that they liked the blog! Woot! Thanks! Sometimes it feels like you write in a vacuum and then you get these great little boosts. So, thank you! You know who you are and I really appreciate it.

WoWScrnShot_102008_221520 And even more OH!… Episode 21 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is out and about, cheesing up the joint.. You should go listen if for no other reason than Kaliope is awesomely cool.

Tonight, nothing is planned. I don’t know if we are going to try out TK again or not. If not, maybe I can get someone to run my little guys around BRD… Haven’t done HH event yet either.. Could try that too. I was having run running my Shamlock around getting candy.. Maybe I’ll do that more.. 😛

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