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October 2008
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The Silence is… Quiet

Ooop.. I didn’t post yesterday.  Sorry about that… So.. Today is The Day! Wow.. It’s come on fast, eh? Well, I’m ready.. I think.. I have the 3 parts of the patch that we could get prior to today and if there is more, well, I’ll just have to download that too.. So, what’s been going on other than awaiting patch day? Well….

On Friday we were successful in picking up two of the timed chests from Z’A but then missed the 3rd. I was invited to a “pug” Mag attempt that went pretty well after a couple of false starts and at least 1 wipe (the brain, it is cheese of the swiss type).  But we did get Mags down which was the first time I have been part of a group that did so.  That was pretty exciting to me.  I missed on the roll for my chest token, but I think the IoQD badge one is better anyway. My priest already has 4/5 T4, so the 5th wouldn’t really buy him anything.

On Friday we also recorded Episode 20 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast. This episode was our second Round Table where we had:

  • Kestrel from Kestrel’s Aerie
  • Anna from Too Many Annas
  • Ratshag from Need More Rage,
  • Leafy from Lust For Flower,
  • Nibuca from Mystic Chinicary, reporting live from Blizzcon City
  • Krizzlybear from Frost is the New Black.
  • and of course me and Bre..

    Filly_101108_162059 It was really fun having everyone on the show and I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we did making it. Sorry about the little portion that is hard to understand. That was the best recording I had for that part.. 🙁

    Other than that, I’ve spent the time taking screenshots of my UIs (for reconstruction after the patch), selling off stuff I don’t think I’ll need, and leveling some professions a little more. Today, obviously, will be spent fixing UIs and getting my specs in order.  I think there is a plan to go try to get the “Jenkins” title also.. Later all!

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