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October 2008
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Speed Dating for Lootz

The timed chess run is kinda like that, no? Ok, maybe not. But it sounded good in my head when I was coming up with a title, so that’s what you get! Yes! Z’A reset for last night, so we got the band back together and gave a shot at some juicy timed run goodness. We headed up to take out the Eagle boss first and got him down within the time limit!!! That was our first timed even chest! We made a beeline over to the Bear but had some communication issues in the beginning (which mob are we sheeping? which do we kill?  AHGHGHGH!) and it slowed us down. Of course, wiping on the group right before him doesn’t help either.  Again a little miscommunication. With about 3 more minutes, we would have had him down in time. It took us about 6 minutes to kill him.

WoWScrnShot_100408_230057 The plate tanking shoulders are what dropped from the chest though (no lootz for me). Of course, we did down the Bear and then proceeded to the Lynx which we found much easier a fight than the Dragonhawk last time. We quit after the Lynx having one-shot the 3 bosses we tried. This is much improved over just a couple of months ago running this place.

Tonight is Kara. I think I’m bringing my rogue back in. He could use at least 15 more badges and I’m sure there is plenty of other gear in there for him that would be upgrades.. :)  We’ll just have to see how it goes.  I’m not running the raid this week so it is almost like a vacation! Haha.. Well, more tomorrow. Cheers!

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