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October 2008
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5 A Night

I can’t believe I forgot! I should have included this in my last post.. But, brain, swiss cheese, yum… Anyway!

Before the Z’A run I ran the Shamlock duo on a couple of quests in Dustwallow and then ported to IF to start picking up the Uldaman quests. I had ask Kezz if she could help me run through it. Well, Z’A was whispered about and then I ended up in it before I even got a chance to pick up all the quests… “Ah well”, I thought.

Anyway, picking back up after Z’A was over, I was going to just get quests and do some quick/easy/lotsofxp quests in the Badlands to prepare for maybe finding someone to run me through Uldaman tomorrow or after.. Did lots of the quests, was all set and then Trae asked if I still needed someone to run me through. “Yes Sir!”, I said and we were off. He brought his mage and we blasted through the place.  Still took a couple of hours I think but in the end, after all quests were turned in and all XP gained, the duo are sitting pretty at about a bar away from 46..

I started the evening at 40.. Ended just a hairsbreadth from 46.. Wow.. I’d say that was pretty darn good.  I’m even thinking that maybe I should get them moving through Maraudon next. Then I need to start collecting the quests for Z’F. It is an awesome instance for XP from quests (and killing stuff). This time I’ll make sure I get all the quests I can beforehand.

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