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October 2008
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(Yeah yeah.. I know it is Rogue.. Inside joke…)… Anyway.. So, I spent Wednesday and Thursday in Kara on Freez. And he made out like a … well, a bandit! (Ugh, more Rogue humor!)

Wednesday night he picked up the Bracers of Maliciousness from Attumen and Garona’s Signet Ring from the Curator. Add to that the Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless and the T4 Helm – Netherblade Facemask and he is starting to look like a real rogue… 😛

I’m still sporting a few blues and even a couple of greens (can’t find a better stat replacement for my “Mama’s Insurance”). I do have > 50 BoJ so I guess I could start looking for upgrades for stuff there.. The blues I have consist of Neck. Belt. Legs. Back and MainHand Sword. The Greens are Boots and Gun. So, I still have a long way to go, but my crit is already looking pretty tasty at 22.35% (unbuffed I think).  Hit still needs work at 172, but what rogue’s doesn’t?

WoWScrnShot_100108_230312 I even remembered to get the enchant for my head and shoulders since they are finally “worthy”.. I just need to start getting the higher level gems now.. I wish I could make them myself! Bah!

After Kara we went on a particularly painful Heroic Shattered Halls run.  It started really well, seemed really easy.. But then.. we realized it wasn’t in Heroic… DOH!  So, we restarted (30 min of my life gone there) and headed back in. We did generally okay although a few pulls were multi-wipe affairs.  The biggest challenge came in the form of the 2-headed Ogre boss.. BAH!  His, “I kill someone else” mechanic is horrible! I finally ended up switching out for Fyra so I would have the extra DPS and the ability to take more than a couple of hits while getting healed.

WoWScrnShot_100208_221114 Anyway, I switched back to Freez after that and we one-shot the last boss! Who would have thunk after all that pain… Ah well.  Not that much dropped (his Fist Weapon thing did, but, while I took it anyway, it is pretty crappy for me) but we did get many badges as it was the heroic daily. We didn’t get the Heroic quest to save the person at the end done.  Too many wipes destroyed our hopes for that..

So, tonight is a quiet night. I might see if I can work through leveling the Shamlock some more.  Getting them to level 40 would be nice. Maybe I can convince someone to run them through SM… Ok.. back to work time! I’ll talk to you on Monday (if not before)..

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