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September 2008
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Ok. I could talk about this weekend.  There really isn’t that much to talk about. Same ol, same ol. Lots of instances actually. Heroics on Freez finally and some new ideas for the guild talked about at a Saturday officer meeting. (I’ll get into that when they are made public to the guild.. 😛 )

But.. Last night.. Heroic daily is Magister’s Terrace. Great! Fyra can use the extra rep since I am fail at dailies (bah..). We go in with a pretty much kick-ass team. We barrel through everything only wiping on the 3rd 5-boss once. (We swapped our tank out for a lock for this fight because he wanted the trinket).  We get up to K’T. Who’s taking the phoenix? Me? ok..  And.. hello? hello? hello? Can you hear me? Is this thing on? typety, typety, typ… Uh..

CoT_092608_205546 I peek into the closet where the cable modem is … DOH! Connection is down.. Ode to you who had to screw with the cable modem connection somewhere out there right before the FINAL BOSS OF A REALLY ANNOYING INSTANCE… ARRRGHGHGHGHGHGHH!  Ok.. Well. So, I try unplugigng/replugging the power. No dice. I plug in my phone and connect in through that on my laptop. When I finally get in, surprise, I am dead.  Well, seems that either they pulled right after I D/C not knowing I was gone or they decided to just 4 man it while they were waiting figuring I could loot when I get back… NOOOOOO! I get back and no loot for me.  Whole freaking instance down and I can’t loot the badge nor the crap I need to get  for the daily heroic.

WaterWalking_092808_221929 I cannot tell you how annoyed I was because frankly, I think I have blotted it out of my memories. When I was next aware of myself I hearthed and logged to get off my cell connection.  Later on (very much so) I logged back in when my connection was up and worked on my Engineering.  I had been doing so all weekend and have it up to around 360 I think. My Enchanting is almost 375 finally and Jewelcrafting is moving up there too (around 310).  Blacksmithing is going to be my next money sink I guess. I also spent some time Saturday afternoon farming herbs and ore.

WoWScrnShot_092808_225915 The Shamlock duo got a run-through of Gnomer on Saturday night also (Thanks StopIt!) and with a few more quests done in Dustwallow, they made it up to 36 last night before we did MgT. Maybe I’ll try to find someone to drag them through SM again a few times.  Then get them high enough to get the quests for Z’F. There is sooo much xp in a Z’F run for the R-A-F duos. Then maybe I’ll find peeps to help with a Sunken Temple run. I haven’t gone there in forever. Might be fun. 🙂