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September 2008
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Spectrual Karassment

Just a quick update today. Last night we had night 1 of Kara. Given how far we got, we are getting closer to only HAVING 1 night of Kara at all (but then again, here comes the expansion).

We had a great time! We brought in a couple of people who needed to be geared, but in general we were all ‘experienced’ Kara-ers. We punched through Attumen and Moroes, made our way to the Opera which was the Big Bad Wolf. Then took a detour to take down the Maiden of Justice then out the door and up the tower to wipe the floor with the Curator.  (5 RANGED DPS FTW!) With an hour left to go, we smashed through trash up to Illhoof (yeah, stopped there before going on…) and then to a meeting with the Shade of Aran himself. 

WoWScrnShot_092408_234930 All bosses were 1 shot (we lost our priest twice on the Opera…) and we didn’t even wipe on trash! Very little loot was sharded (I can remember one piece of plate from Curator I think) and we all had a great time. Tonight should be nice and short with only Chess, Netherspite, Prince and Nightbane left. Fyra almost has 100 badges again and enough to buy the IoQD chestpiece.

WoWScrnShot_092508_012319 After Kara, I got my mage’s engineering skill up > 300 (woot!) and then got the Sham-lock duo up to level 32 by turning in the Green Hills of STV quests! The Shaman gets a lot of pretty cool toys in the 30+ area.  Very exciting and interesting.

So, anyway, tonight is the rest of Kara and then probably some more shamlock leveling..  Back to work I go.. 😛