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September 2008
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The weekend is over. Where did it go? An update on what is going on? Sure! Might be a quick one today though. Got into a “3rd” kara group with my Rogue, Freez at one point (but didn’t get into the group that finished on Sunday) and he got the gloves from Attumen and the Dagger from Moroes. Nothing else dropped that he could use all the way through the Curator.

I spent a lot of time leveling the Shamlock duo. They have reached level 31 now and have their mounts. The shaman has all the level 30 toys (self-res, 15 min hearth, etc) and I’m getting into more of the “meat” of the quests here in the old world. I might bring them over to STV to just get a few levels killing stuff for the safari quests.

On Sunday I was invited to join a group that was going to raid Org to kill Thrall. The first time we went in, we wiped at 4% due to a large horde presence. We then decided to go to Silvermoon and kill the boss there.  We did that and then went back to Org.  After we got back, we performed outstanding and took him down.

Freez_091908_234101 Additionally one of the nights we ran through Mech and Bot for some nice rep and the Arc key. I brought Freez since he can use it the most and it is definitely more interesting sometimes as a rogue (hate fear, btw). The runs went smoothly and sooon we were done. We also spent some time running the Brewfest boss. He’s pretty fun and my guys got some 41bage trinket equivalents and Fyra picked up the Ram.

Tonight is an un-scheduled night. If nothing else, I’ll work more on the Shamlocks :)  Later!