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September 2008
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Three Locks and A Shaman

Oh, and a Priest… 🙂

First off, we finished up Kara last night. Including Nightbane and Illhoof. We one-shot all the bosses and other than a quick wipe at the beginning (due to an accidental pull of the first group and the ensuing chaos, decided it didn’t really count though) we didn’t wipe again the rest of the night! Woohoo!

Most of the loot was given out and not Disenchanted too.  Our relatively “new” priest got the lion’s share of it, but most of the people that still actually “needed” gear got something out of it. Fyra is only 1 more run away from getting the IoQD Badge Chest. Very exciting.. 😛

After we finished (very quickly, I might add), I logged into my Warlock/Shaman (Fellmara/Filly) and with the help of awesome new guildies, got them to level 25 by following around a level 70 priest in SM for a few hours.. :P  .. Soo, 22-25 done. 35 more to go..! Once the warlock gets over lvl 40, I’ll be able to start granting levels to the Warrior again and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to ding 60 before the patch goes live.

Tonight, so far, nothing is scheduled. Usually we do a continuation of the 25man run on Friday also, but I’m not sure of the plans.  If nothing is planned I might try to get w/s some more XP and levels.  Otherwise I might farm mats for engineering/blacksmithing/jewelcrafting on my priest. That’s about it! I’ll talk to you all on Monday hopefully.