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September 2008
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Karend Northizhan

So, a combined post today.  I’ll start with stuff about last night and then move to some Beta crap. 😛

Kara went fine last night.  We had a group with 3 healers (since we are trying to gear at least one of them up, if not 2), 2 tanks (both need gear) and 5 DPS (not as many need gear here).  We did pretty good with the time and got all the way to the Shade (skipping the Maiden) before calling it. We had a few issues around Moroes timeframe with one of our healers having connection problems.  We had to slow down and wait for him on a number of occasions (including before taking on Moroes).  We one shot all the bosses we had (including R&J Opera event) and moved along at a pretty quick pace. Only 1 thing was D/E I believe in all the loot that dropped, which was also pretty awesome.

After Kara, I got Fizz up to 59 and granted level 40 to Frannk (my warrior who hasn’t touched a mob or quest since lvl 22). I now have only about 1/2 a bar of xp to go in the Refer a friend program for Fizz and Furis now.. I also got my Warlock/Shaman up to level 22 each. I was getting tired though, so I called it a night shortly after that.

WoWScrnShot_091708_181826 Before Kara, though, I logged into the beta of WotLK. If you don’t want to hear about it, stop reading.. 😛

I spent about 45 minutes in the Howling Fjord last night running around on my druid and picking up the next level of herbalism and alchemy. There are some pretty nice new elixirs and such and food/drink is pretty amazing with the # of mana/health they regen. I also ran around and took some pretty screenshots (as I do sometimes). I have to say that Northrend is just.. just.. gorgeous!

WoWScrnShot_091708_183127Oh, I was at some scaffolding going down a cliff on the S end of the Fjord. I was stealthed as my kitty on the way down and was jumping from section to section.. I missed a jump and fell and ended up getting the “fall x feet and live” achievement.. Of course, I ended up “bouncing” and died anyway, but I DID get the achievement first.

Ok.. Well, tonight is more Kara and then maybe some more leveling for the Warlock/Shaman. I am getting the hang of it I think now. Almost time to leave the Draenei starting area and make my way off to “somewhere else”.. LOL.. Have a good one!

WoWScrnShot_091708_183136 WoWScrnShot_091708_184247
WoWScrnShot_091708_184407 WoWScrnShot_091708_184415
WoWScrnShot_091708_184535 WoWScrnShot_091708_181836

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