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September 2008
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Patch/Beta Addons – Part1

On a more serious note for this blog, I would like to write a few things I have discovered while playing with the WotLK Beta. These “things” are nothing of the sort, I suppose. Truly, I should name them more fittingly, Addons.

I believe (and I think I am not alone) that Blizzards decision to make the UI of WoW customizable with user created addons was one of the best decisions they could have made. Part of the reason I am still playing is that “pain” derived from the UI not suiting exactly my playstyle can be alleviated through clever use of third-party customizations. However, with all this comes the price we pay every time Blizzard makes large changes… BROKEN ADDONS.. BROKEN UI.. ERRORS ERRORS ERRORS….

So, I am hoping that many addon developers out there have gotten a chance to get into the beta (although now they can use the PTR) and tweak their addons to work correctly with the new changes that are incoming.

I use many addons currently although my most important are my Action Bar Manager and Inventory Manager. I also rely on Fubar, and its many plugins, extensively. Upon joining the Beta, I transferred all my addons to the new program folder. I then logged in to a chorus of errors galore! So… I went in and removed a bunch of addons that I didn’t “need”.  Generally I try to use addons that are ACE compatible and can be updated automatically using their updater. However, at this point, I went out to Wowinterface’s WotLK addon List to see what was new.

I use Bongos action bar replacement in live but this is broken in beta. I switched to using Dominos in beta as it is by the same author and basically the same program with a few tweaks. I use ag_UnitFrames as a unit frame replacement and there is a version of that which works also. I use ArkInventory for my bags and there is a beta replacement too! (ArkInventory (WotLK))

Here are some links to other addons that I like/use that have WotLK versions:

There are others, but these are the ones I’ve been playing with so far.  By the way, if you use GuildGreet, it seems to cause issues with the WotLK chat windows.. Had to disable it.. 🙁

I would think stuff like Deadly Boss Mods and/or Bigwigs should still work, just not have the information for the new places yet. Also, I think Auctioneer is supposedly now compatible…

Also, WowAceUpdater will not be usable at some point in the near future. The WoWAce file repository will supposedly be going away and you will have to update your addons from somewhere else.  I am currently checking out WowMatrix and the WowInterface UI manager.  If anyone has any suggestions for alternatives, let me know. (I also use the Curse client)