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September 2008
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Harry and the Northrendersons

This has been a pretty busy weekend as usual. Spent a lot of time this week just doing quests on Freez in Netherstorm and messing with the Beta. In “News”, the PTR has been updated to 3.0.2 for all you who wish to test out the “bridge” patch. Addons will break, there will be mass hysteria (well, maybe only from me). I will hopefully soon have a list and some info on addons that are “working” with WotLK beta that match(ish) what I use for my UI. I know there is a version of ArkInventory for it though. 😀

So, Furis/Fizz are up to level 58 now. Still haven’t run BRD yet with them, but not really sure it matters at this point. I was initially expecting it to give me a few levels from all the quests, but they are 58 already anyway. I might run them out to Eastern Plaguelands and get them their last levels there.. We’ll just have to see, I suppose.

WoWScrnShot_091508_003758 The other duo Filly/Fellmara (Shaman/Warlock) are doing pretty well and are sitting at level 20 each now. I got them all caught up. Unfortunately, they each have their “class” quests along the way (Shaman totem quests and Warlock pet quests) which skews the xp amounts for each. I’m still enjoying playing them, but it is definitely a different dynamic than the other two.  Much easier to take on multiple mobs with the Paladin/Mage group than Shaman/Warlock.  Still have the “one of us can rez” thing going though! Woot!

We put in a valiant effort Friday night on the lurker but just couldn’t get him down. It was another series of “unfortunate events” that did us in. We did have an AMAZING amount of DPS considering.  Maybe we should go back into Gruuls and just do that again…

Moon_091408_000535 Ok.. on to a serious topic. If you are here for the rambling “this is what I did” posts, you can turn off your reader now… Still here?  Ok.. Well, I want to talk a little about Wrath of the Lich King. So.. by now, you have hopefully seen that it is coming out November 13 (I guessed the 10th.. I think that was close enough!). My thoughts are mixed right now. This is pertaining to the continuation of raiding and/or attempting progression during these last 2 months until it comes out.

Do we continue pushing to get into those 25man instances? Do we continue the weekly Kara run? Or should we all just hunker down and start farming to get ready for the expansion?  I know I will have a few toons that need to be leveled from 60 sooner or later and that might be a good goal to work towards (getting them to 70 before the expansion hits).  Or should we just keep doing what we are doing with respect to raiding?

Disguise091308_233010 I know there are quite a few folk in the guild who still would like to gear up their mains/alts in Kara runs (for gear or badges).  I know I now have a newly minted 70 that doesn’t have very good gear comparatively and Kara might be a good idea to help get him geared up. What do you guys think? Has your guild changed it’s raiding now that there is a date? I know that some guilds have already given up on raiding for a while but what of ones that haven’t?

Another question I had… What about Honor?  I know that Arena Points will reset when you hit 71, but what about honor? Should I be going out on all my 70s and building up honor points? Ah well.. Anyway, those are the things I am pondering about.. If you have any insight or ideas, let me know!