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September 2008
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Are We Having Fhuun Yet?

Last night was a busy night. Busy in a few ways I guess. I felt busy cleaning up the floor with my face, for one. We headed in to do 2nd day Kara figuring “piece of cake”. We had smacked through everything else the night before and we had the same group, why not be just as good?  Well, I’m not sure.  We had issues with the Prince to start with.. He just kept killing the tank. We were running with only 2 healers (Fhuun [my priest] and Karine [resto drood]) but finally swapped out our rogue for his healer so we could get past it.

Lots of stuff went wrong here and there not the least of which was the first try after pulling in the second priest. I got smacked by the axes on phase 3 while I was still enfeebled! Insta-Death. Next one I died on a blast because I was too close. This wasn’t boding well. Finally we took him down .. And headed to Netherspite.. 

WoWScrnShot_091108_181025 Again, not so good experience.  We didn’t have enough “non-squishies” to easily take the red beam, so we subbed in a hunter for 1/2 beam. We also kept forgetting to watch our feet and make sure we weren’t standing in a black hole… 🙂 on our “last” attempt, we finally did it. We had lost many people and I even ended up taking the green beam for the extra healing for the last few seconds.

Illhoof was a blast since we had a paladin AND warlock for the fight which makes it much more “easy mode”. Maiden was also a pushover (somehow) because of the massive DPS we had going. We didn’t attempt Nightbane since it was late by the time we finished Maiden and I also wasn’t sure if we would be able to do it.

WoWScrnShot_091108_190628 Fhuun did get enough badges (by 1) to pick up the Slippers of Dutiful Mending. These things are pretty nice! I also spent a little bit of time in the WotLK Beta. I copied all my addons and settings over (they made me change Fimlys’ name 🙁 ) and worked on figuring out witch worked and which didn’t. I have to say the Death Knight is just cool.. Haven’t played much, but it seems fun so far.  I do like what they have done with some of the icons. Really fleshing them out and making them look a little more “3d” and such (the item icons, etc).

WoWScrnShot_091108_180811 After I was done Beeta-ing.. O_o , I logged in my Paladin/Mage and got them up to level 57! Just a couple more to go and I can switch back to the shaman/warlock group. I need to work harder if I want to get them to 60 before the R-A-F is over for me.

That’s all I’ve got! Sorry for the short posts recently. I’ve just been really busy lately. Tonight is us trying to go back and kill Lurker again this week. Hopefully we will be more successful.