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September 2008
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Yes, I have started playing Spore.. No, it hasn’t eaten into my WoW time yet… Above are some of the creatures I have creatured.. Um.. Well, and some houses/cars/etc too. I like that it shows each iteration of your creatures, but maybe it would be cooler of it made like a “folder” for it and showed the evolution.  So, you could click on a creature and it would have a section that showed all the previous iterations of that creature in the game. Anyway, it is pretty fun although there are sections that can be a bit boring.  You get past those though and it’s a blast especially if you are a creative type. 🙂

In WoW last night? Oh yeah.. We headed into SSC even though we were a little short and wiped a few times on the Lurker.. 🙁  We had to call it after a couple hours though since people had to leave.  Afterwards, I logged into Freez (yep, he is still level 70… 😛 ) and went to pick up his flying mount.  ***DISCOVERED SHADOWMOON VALLEY*** … OMG… Ha!

After that Pil, Kezz and I took our (not so little) toons out to Netherstorm to start some of the quests there.. ***DISCOVERED NETHERSTORM*** .. OMG! So, anyway. Spent lots of gold. Made some gold too. Switched over to Furis/Fizz and got them about halfway to 56 with 2 quests in Burning Steppes (I think that is what it is called).  I’m ready for someone to take me into BRD now I think.  Tonight is Kara though. We are going to try to get together 2 runs at the same time! Wish us luck!