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September 2008
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Just a Bit Zhany

Yep, we went to Kara last night.  (How could you tell?). We had a really good group with 3 healers (Priest, Shaman, Druid), 2 Warrior Tanks, and 5 DPS (1 Hunter, 2 Mages, 1 Shaman and a Boomkin to rule them all)…

We one shot everything we came across which included (in order of kill) Attumen, Moroes, Opera (Oz), Curator, Maiden. Yeah, we did Maiden after Curator.  Did that so we could be sure to get Curator down that night (just in case there were issues).  Then we headed back down, since we had gotten done so quick, and took out the Maiden pretty handily. Fyra picked up a bunch of badges (up above 50 now) but I’m not sure what my next upgrade will be. I picked up my Brutal Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Gloves, which sadly, are better than the T4 ones I had before.

After all that, I went to go play Fizz/Furis a little.  I got them to Searing Gorge and down into the Dark Iron Dwarf area cave and then got a shout to come to Crypts. So, I hopped onto Freez and headed in with the group. I picked up the Darkguard Face Mask from the final boss there.. Woo hoo! We then went into Sethekk and cleared that place. By that point it was 3am and time for sleep.. 😛

Freez_090408_014101 Tonight is the continuation of Kara. I hope this night goes as smoothly as last night did.  The only thing that would have improved last night would have been the inclusion of a Paladin.. :D  After Kara, if I have time and awakitude (i just made that up, you like?) I will head back into Searing Gorge with the wonder twins and see if we can’t get them to at least 51 if not 52.. I’m not sure what level I want to be before begging someone to run me through BRD…. Hmmm… What do you think? I’d like it to be the last things I do before 59… I was thinking… Should I just get pretty close and hold onto those quests until after I finish my granting of levels?  Then I could use those to get to 60 or more… Hmm…..

Ok.. I’m outta here.. 🙂 Catch’ya later.

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