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September 2008
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50-50 Chance

Tuesday was a somewhat eventful night.  We actually got a group together for SSC. I guess school being back helped out a bit.. We started with less than 25, but by the time we were on Lurker we were very close to the max. We had a few problems though overall. 

Some of our attempts we couldn’t seem to keep up the tanks.  Some, we had issues with picking up the adds on the main ring. Others, we lost people because the failed to get in the water in time.  Many of them were all of the above.. We ended up calling it quits without downing him, but it was pretty fun anyway. On my little island was just Fim and a mage.  We tore a hole through those adds every round and always had time to take a few shots on the main ring mobs before the lurker reappeared.

After SSC finished up, I got onto Fizz/Furis and made my way back to Tanaris to finish up the quests there (at least the ones I am doing).  They both dinged 50 (pretty close to each other IMHO) and after a couple more quests, I called it a night. (It was getting pretty late here)

Next stop for my leveling duo is probably Searing Gorge or back to Hinterlands for a couple of quests. There is also Feralas which I haven’t touched yet too.  I’m also looking ahead to getting ready to ask someone to run them through BRD. I would imagine they would get an insane amount of XP from that run and all the quests in there.. I have to remember to stop at 59, though! Still not sure which toon is getting my free levels.  Having moved the Warlock over to the other account, I might just have to grant them all to my warrior when it is time. 

WoWScrnShot_090208_222509 I have been having run playing the shaman/warlock combination too, so they might be my next diversion depending on what’s going on.  If so, then I will probably start granting levels to my warrior as I go.. Lets see.. I currently have 3 level 70s, Hunter/Priest/Druid.  I have my Rogue at 66.  I have Paladin and Mage at 50. I have my warrior at 22 and I have shaman and lock at around 17 or so.  Is that all the classes?  I think so.  Hunter/Priest/Druid/Rogue/Paladin/Mage/Warrior/Shaman/Warlock.. Soo.. I grant my warrior levels from the warlock when she gets over 22 and then when that is done, I can grant levels from the paladin.. Warrior will be up to 59 or so in no time … ha!

Might be time to go level some Hordlings soon… Have to pick a server though.. Hmm…

So, tonight is Kara. We’ve got a “new” priest coming with us I think but 2 other pretty experienced healers, so we should be okay. I’m back to running with Fyra since Fim got his badges and is all happy with his IoQD Chest. The Moonkin still needs many badges, so it badge farming I go.  If I get the rogue up to 70 soon, he might be the one I bring depending on other availability…  Well, that’s it for today.. I rambled on a lot.. Ah well.. 🙂 Later!