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September 2008
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This was one crazy weekend. I was pretty busy all over the place with WoW deep in the mix! So, I guess this is a Friday-Monday roundup..  I spent a lot of time dual-boxing this weekend.  We also went into Kara on Sunday.

Friday was going to be a night for SSC but given that it was a holiday weekend here “in the States” there were just not enough people on to get it going. So, instead, I spent some quality time with Fizz and Furis. I am not sure what level they got up to that night.. But I am sure I gained at least 2 if not more for each. I am getting the hang of this thing still, but I am getting better.

Saturday was going to be Gruul’s. But, for same reasons as SSC, it was canceled. I again trotted out Fizz and Furis, but also spent some time leveling Filly (my Shaman) and Fellmara (my warlock). Finnick, a paladin I had started on the new account before I transferred Furis trotted around with both of them for a while.  Filly started at level 7 on Saturday with Finnick at level 6. I got her up to around 14 and Finnick very close.

Zhevra_083108_165328 Sunday we finally got a raid together.  I put together a group to finish up the Kara run from Wednesday and I have to say they did fantastic.  I brought in Fimlys again (I got my 100 badges, woot!) and we ran with only 2 healers for much of the time. We swapped out one of the tanks for a healer on Prince and then one of the DPS for his healer on Nightbane. I have to say, one of the most interesting events of my WoW “career” happened during one of the Nightbane attempts.

We had been doing pretty well and had him down to his last 25%.  Then we lost a bunch of people during the flight and then again after he landed (I died during the flight and I was the Misdirect..).  One tank (Druid), a Enhancement Shaman (I think) and a Resto Druid were left up not long after he landed…  At about 12% or so, the Shaman hit the dirt and it was down to the 2 Druids… Let me just throw this out… 1%!!!!!   1%!!!!!   They got him down to 1% and then the tank went down.  It was a sight to behold.  The resto finally ran out of tricks to keep up his mana and the feral ran out of tricks to keep himself alive. Just have to say … Wow… Just wow.. Next attempt we got him down easily with few, if any, dying.

Fim_090108_012945 During the day on Sunday I had transferred my little lock, Fellmara over to the new account and started her and Filly running around the Draenei starting area (which is my favorite starting zone). I got them up to 18 or so each although the warlock is behind due to the Shaman quests that Filly did.

Ahh! I’m still going!  Monday! Was a holiday but I didn’t get a whole lot of playing time in until that night.  I leveled up some of my professions and sold some enchanting mats for outrageous sums of gold.  When I got on for the night, I asked one of the guildies if he would be willing to run my F-men (Fizz/Furis) through Zul’Farrak so they could get their Carrot on a Stick… He said no problem and we dragged Jess’ rogue along with us.  It was a load of fun even though Fizz forgot to pick up his dowsing rod (or whatever it is called). Fizz was about 30k behind Furis in XP after that flub and so I used all the mageweave I picked up in Z’F to turn in to the quartermasters and get a ton of XP to bring them back in-line.

ZF_090108_225120 They are both now level 49 (!!) and I’m inching closer and closer..  I think I am going to try to finish up the quests I have in Tanaris and then head into Un’Goro. I bet it will be good for a couple levels or so.  Tonight is SSC. Hopefully we will have the population to go.  I know that School has restarted almost everywhere so maybe life will be back to normal again.. :)  I think we have, for now, given up on trying to run Gruul’s and are sticking to work on SSC for now.  We have had much more luck with the Lurker than we do with Gruul. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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