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August 2008
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Little Buggers

Last night was quiet. Too quiet! We were short a few DPS last night for some reason to do Kara.  We knew that one of our healers was not going to be around, but I replaced her quickly. Some others that logged in were not able to join because their latency was reaching 5 digits! So… Instead of having everyone sit around, I called it and rescheduled it for Sunday night.

Afterwards, I logged into Fizz and Furis and laid waste to Dustwallow Marsh and the quests in the southern end there. I leveled them all the way up to 41 there and I’m pretty happy about it.  Fizz was finally able to get the Darnassus teleport (but no portal) and can also now get the other portal spells so he can port peeps around! 

I also finally dumped mining on Furis and picked up enchanting so I can disenchant stuff (i guess).. I really don’t know why i bothered, but why not?  I will replace Fizz’s mining with inscription when the patch comes out that adds it in.

ToDarnassus_082908_010117 I was wondering today if they are going to include the transition to Spellpower itemization in the pre-wotlk patch. It seems to me that they would have to because they are changing the talents and such, but I guess it is possible that they wouldn’t. With the other changes they are going to be making with regards to buffs and stacking and such, did they say anything on how flasks and elixirs would sit into this? So, could you still use a Elixir of Fortification AND a Fortification buff from a priest?

I’m sure I just missed something in the message… Tonight is a scheduled SSC run, but know of quite a few people that will not be able to attend so I have a feeling we will not be going.  Also, the rescheduled Gruul’s run from Tuesday is on Saturday and will probably fall to the same problem. I still need to get my last arena match in to enable Fyra to pick up her gloves or book.  Fimlys is still 5 badges short of the chestpiece but should hopefully be able to get them on Sunday when we head back into Kara.

Tabethas_082808_222418 If we don’t do a raid tonight, I will probably log back into Fizz/Furis and go head into the Swamp of Sorrows.  I remember a few nice quests there.  Also on that list might be Badlands, Tanaris, Feralas and/or STV. The beauty of STV is there are many quests all around each other.  I can bang those out pretty quickly on these guys and get their levels up faster. I have another 18 more levels to go and it’s still moving pretty well.  I need to also spend some more time with macros and buttons and such.  I’m still getting used to the multibox thing and if things get out of hand, things don’t end well.  😛

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