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August 2008
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Tomb Good To Be True

We were supposed to run Gruul’s last night, but failed to get the requisite number of healers to even make an attempt… Ah well… But, on a good note, I got my Bank Guild setup! I have even filled up the first tab with CRAP.  Hooray for the packrat!

Anyway, we also got a group together to run Mana-Tombs with the level 66s. It is still pretty fun playing Freez and while we failed at the escort quest (we didn’t clear out all the rooms before starting it) we had a good time and got it done quick.  We had a Lvl 70 pally tank help us out in addition to a Lvl 70 Shaman (somewhat newly minted 70 though). 

After we finished that up, I logged into Fizz and Furis and ran a couple quick quests in Theramore to get them to level 37.  I can easily get them past 40 in Dustwallow.  I am sure of it.  Next instance I ask someone’s help with will probably be Z’F to get my Carrots.. 🙂

Dam_082308_174612 They are moving pretty quick up the levels and once I have time to sit and play them for a longer stretch, I’m pretty sure they will move even faster.  60 is in sight!  If I get them there earlier than expected, I might level a different dynamic duo possibly.. I wonder how 2 warlocks would do!  Hmm…. Or maybe a warlock and shaman…

Well, tonight is my Kara run. I’m bringing Fimlys in to pick up the last few badges he needs for the IoQD Badge Chestpiece.  I guess I miss playing him a bit too.. 🙂 I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.

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