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August 2008
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Level 72

Ok. I haven’t posted yet about this, but I think it is time… I’m a two-timer.. Well, two-at-a-timer.. Well…. Uh… Dual-boxer.. There we go.. 🙂 Um… maybe.. I have started playing 2 wow accounts on separate computers at the same time.

I took advantage of the Refer-a-Friend and have been leveling a Mage and a Paladin.  The Paladin is a class I just couldn’t get into, but having him as a meat shield for the mage running around getting 3x XP for stuff… It’s priceless.. Last night, Kezz helped run my dynamic duo through Gnomer. Gnomer_082508_231836It was loads of fun and I picked up a ton of trash, a bunch of greens and a couple of blues.

I spent the whole night running them around and eventually got to level 36 on each (72 FTW!) from a lowly 31 or so when I started out the evening. My mage picked up the teleport and portal to Theramore where I am currently leveling them (so that makes it an easy run back and forth from Ironforge with my Summon Friend ability).  I’m hoping to get them up to level 60 before my extra XP time expires.  I’ll probably grant the extra levels to my warlock when I am done (get her over level 30 at least…).

Trainers_082608_022036 I do have a level 22 warrior and a little bitty Shaman too though.  Not sure which I find more interesting.  I’m not a huge fan of the warrior right now so I will probably go with the lock since she is higher level than the Shaman. If I find myself leveling a couple others, I might just give the rest to her..

Episode 14 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is finally out. Sorry it is so late and missing a few segments (namely all of them but the interview).  Next week, we’ll be back to normal!

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