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August 2008
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Young Wiper Snapper

We’ve all made these mistakes, eh? Kill a boss, start heading to another area/repair guy/etc. and we forget. What do we forget? Oh yeah, there are MORE MOBS THERE! Oops.. Well, last night in Kara we had one of those moments.. No, not me, but it could have been. Stuff happens. I only point it out because it was our only wipe for the night. Now, I am not getting upset about that.  I am pretty psyched. I like when everyone is on the ball and things are clicking..

We were supposed to be bringing 2 “new”-er folks in to Kara with us last night. One was a prot pally that we were going to try out in the OT slot and the other was a hunter. Both had been asking to go for a few weeks and I believe that they had never been in there.. Well, turns out that the hunter left the guild somewhat recently and the pally didn’t show (not even later that night). So, we got two who’ve been there many times before to take their place and headed inside.

Bridge_082008_231407 As I stated before, we did a good job.  The first day of Kara has the most trash. This is Attumen, Moroes, Opera, Curator day.  The second day has the slog through to the Shade, but the rest is pretty easy. We one shot all those bosses even after a somewhat gimpy pull (haha) of the Curator.. To be honest, I was kinda wishy-washy when the MT asked if we were ready to go.. “Uh, um.. well, not really.. OOOH OOOH GO GO GO WE PULLED.. GO ..”.. Ah well. Call it learning for the RL. I want to thank Pil for helping out with all the hard parts of leading the raid (marking and taking over when I had to get a wayward child back in bed).

Tonight is the rest of Kara and so forth and then Friday is SSC hopefully. I’ll give reports when I can … 🙂