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August 2008
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Blown Away

Ok, no.. I wasn’t.  I live in the part of the US that recently (as in it is still going on) has been hit by a little thing called Fay. Fay is a Tropical Storm. She dumps lots of rain on us and makes it a little breezy outside.  However, I was not carted off to Oz (unless Opera Event is what you are talking about) and I’m still here.  I hadn’t posted in a couple of days due to “too much to do” syndrome with work and home and podcast.

Arokkoa_081908_012710But.. Lots has happened. Just a quick summary. Got my rogue, Freez, to level 64 as of last night! He is moving along nicely.  We are just getting started in Terokkar now (we finished HP and ZM already except for instances). A few more weeks and he should be seeing level 70.. Wow, my 4th.. Can’t believe it personally. 

Freez_081808_012315I also have gotten my mage Fizz and paladin Furis up to level 24 each. For some reason I am on an alt kick.  I still like playing all my 70s, but it is interesting to learn the other classes a little more too. Fizz is finally getting some of the more cool mage talents although I still have no idea what I am doing spec-wise.  I am leveling frost as I have been told that is the easiest and so far it’s going fine.

Last night the guild went into Gruul’s and… we had 25 people! There were actually >25 level 70s on at the time we started which was really really awesome. We one-shot the HK (Fyra tanked Kiggler and I had a really fun time doing so..) but could not get Gruul down. We got him to 9% on the last try! Next week, I think we can do it…

FirstAV_082008_022651 OH! Brought Fhuun into my first ever AV last night with Jess. It was pretty awesome.. I only did it once, but we won! And it was pretty quick too… Alliance had 1 more player than the Horde and it took about 21 minutes.. I had more healing than damage, but not by much! Healing AV is really tough with everyone running out of LOS all the time… I died 3 times and got the Killing Blow 5 times! Woot! Go Holy Priest!

Tonight is the start of the weekly Kara run that I am leading.  We’re bringing in some new folks, so we’ll see how it goes. Then Friday is an attempt at SSC. Hopefully we get the same turnout as we did last night.. We might even be able to move past the Lurker.  I’ll try to get back into the swing of things now.. Hopefully talk to you tomorrow.