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August 2008
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She’s Maiden Me Mad!

And driving me crazy… At the same time! Yeah.. Once again the silly Maiden (who I believe is NOTHING of the sort) has ruined our one-shot Kara run.. This time though, she got it out of the way early. Read along… BAH!

So, yeah, last night was Kara. This week Pil helped me with the leading functions (which I appreciate muchly and would like to continue at least until he has to run his own separate raid.. NOOOO!). We had a few members who were either alts or “somewhat” new toons and things still went really well.  We had few, if any wipes (I think none) to trash and even survived an accidental pull of a group of ELITE DANCERS!

WoWScrnShot_080608_225707 We take down Attumen, Moroes, Big Bad Wolf (Opera) and then, instead of moving on to the curator and skipping that hated woman, we decided to try to bounce miss Maiden herself on the first night! We had a pally tank but as the only pally, we had our somewhat more “green” OT Warrior tank her, uh, tallness. We had a few issues with timing and wiped about 3 times before finally getting everything locked into place and killing her.

Well, I guess it wasn’t her fault alone that we didn’t one shot all of Kara. We also wiped once to the Curator after that (but who knows if that would have happened otherwise…). All in all though, it went well. We’ll start on the Shade of Aran tonight and see how things go. Fyra also gathered enough badges to pick up the Moon-walkers and I also got stuff gemmed and re-gemmed since the MW have lots of +spellhit… I removed one of my spellhit gems in place of a spelcrit.. Woot!

Have a good one!