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August 2008
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The Levelers, The Demons and Me

Why are there so many posts about rogues here? And what’s on the melee side? Um… Ok.. A stretch there eh?

Not too much to report on for last night.  I got Freez to level 62! Woot! (I guess that is “a lot”, but not “a lot”) Raised his lockpicking up to max for the level (easy now that I am trying to pick up 5 lockboxes per level at least now.. and holding them until I ding). I also got Argent Dawn rep to revered and picked up the other enchanting recipe.

I’ve been working on Enchanting and Jewelcrafting too. Enchanting is at 350 and JC is at 205.  Have a lot of work to do with JC, but it is going to cost a bunch of money.  My gold IS going up though, of course. After making it to Outlands, the gold from quests increases significantly so I’m turning a pretty profit on my leveling exploits with Pil and Kezz. 

Freez_081308_010837 Oh.. And I had been gathering up and saving unidentified plant parts from my level 70s once they couldn’t turn them in.  And I turned in 50 of them and got to Friendly with Cenarion Expedition the minute we walked into Zangarmarsh.. That was pretty funny.. Was thinking maybe I should take some time and fly around Zang with Fyra and just keep picking up as many as I can.  I think it stops giving rep at Honored… Is that true? Then the quests will get me up from there instead of losing out earlier.. Hmm….. Might just be worth it. I think my head enchant comes from CE, so the faster I can get to it, the better… 🙂

Ok.. so, this was a little longer post than I first thought it would be.. Oh.. Go listen to episode 12 of THE podcast… (Twisted Nether… of course).. Leave us a comment/voicemail/etc.. What do you think?  Wanna be on the show? Most non-inflammatory voicemails will get played on the show.. well.. for now..  Anyway. Tonight is Kara.  I am supposed to be running it, but I might have to leave it to someone else depending on events. Have fun out there!

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