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August 2008
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Say Goodbye to Azeroth

Say goodbye, my baby! I hope this post finds you all well, because Freez is well (ugh!) on his way to “end game”! On Saturday night, he dinged the ripe old age of 60! He’s got his super speedy horse and we spent the night on Sunday in Hellfire Peninsula killing Orcs. What happened the rest of the week? Uh…

I don’t think I posted on Friday so I guess I should fill you in. So, Thursday was the continuation of Kara and it went great! We one shot Prince. We one shot Netherspite. We then went back to finish up the Maiden… And… Wiped!.. Aww, there goes our “perfect” run was heard on vent. WoWScrnShot_080708_235057 Ah well, we still got her down on the next attempt. (BTW, lineup was the same as the night before). We then went to pay a visit to Nightbane.. Whoo.. That is some tough cookies. We beat our heads against him a few times with the MT having trouble staying alive. Finally one of the mages, Stopum, switched out to his Tree Drood, Wickum and we smoked the bane!

Scholo_080908_005719 Friday was a fun night and a first for me! Kezz helped me with the Western Plaguelands quests and with the Scholomance instance which I had never been in before. We tried to 2-man it with Kezz on her mage and me on Freez (level 58 or so rogue at the time). Wasn’t going too swimmingly, so we invited another lvl 70 (Paladin Tank) and 2 more 50s (one other 58 or so and a 54, I think). So with Pally tank, Mage, Rogue, Shaman and Warlock we headed in and blew the doors off the place.. I picked up some nice gloves, but the main purpose of the run was XP and Rep which we got plenty of.

Spectral_081008_041610 On to Saturday.. The big 6-0 Saturday. We ran around Winterspring and then Eastern Plageulands to get to that lofty level. It took a lot of hard work and the clock chiming 4AM to get there.. But get there I did.

Sunday was when I went and got my new speedy mount and then headed into Outland with Pil and Kezz. We moved along fast, but since the difference between 60 and 61 (in fact, all levels above 60) is so much bigger than 59-60, Kezz and I still haven’t made it to 61. After we quit playin’ in Ourland, I ran over to BRD to try to level up my lockpicking.

HP_081108_001905 I got it up to 300 picking the door locks on the way into BRD and then asked a group of guildies that were actually “doing” BRD if they had room for 1 more. They had already finished many of the bosses in there, but I came in and helped out.. UNTIL 4AM! Again! OMG. I really need to stop doing that!

Freez_081108_012641So, that was my insane weekend.. Tonight will probably be more leveling for Freez and possibly some arena with Fyra since she only needs her matches for this week to get either the off-hand or gloves from PvP which are pretty awesome for balance droods. I also need to work on the podcast. It will probably be a little late this week unfortunately, since work is kicking me in the butt right now.. 😀 But there is always hope! I’ll sprechen to you later.

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