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August 2008
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If A Tree Falls

If a tree falls in the forest… Who will Rez it?

Ok. bad jokes over… For now…

Last night we were scheduled to do a Gruul’s run, but we were missing some key players. So, we jettisoned the raid and it was “every being for itself”.  There was a general call for a DPS for a Botanica run and I volunteered.  Group consisted of Pally Tank, Stopit’s Mage, Feral Drood, Boomkin (me) and a certain Trey in da Weend. We had some issues getting INTO the instance to begin with since we wanted to do it in Heroic (and it was set thusly) but one of our number did not have the key.. I ended up having to log out and in about 10 times before it worked right.

Otherwise, the run went somewhat un-eventful overall. We one shot all the bosses and other than there being more deaths than usual (many because I pulled some group we were skipping about 3-5 times…) it was a good time. The feral druid picked up a plethora of new items (including the staff from Warp Splinter)..

WoWScrnShot_080508_235911 After the run, I found some peeps to make Fyra some gems and spellcloth and with one more slot left to fill, I have now hit 999 Spell Damage and maxed out Spell Hit unbuffed. Of course, much of this gear will get replaced as I pick up more badges.  Unfortunately the best gear for a moonkin (at least at my level of raiding) is either Badges or Arena.  I might pick up the offhand from arena points (need one more week of matches) or maybe even the gloves (although the ones I have right now are the only T4 piece I have.. )..

Anyway.. Tonight I’m running the Kara raid. I’m trying the “stack the DPS” method and only running 2 tanks/2 healers.  We’ll have to see how it works.  I’m definitely seeing very few people leveling/playing warlocks in the guild.  Ah well.. 😉 I’ll catch you tomorrow.

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