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August 2008
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Stuck In Arena With You

Had an interesting experience trying to PvP last night. I was invited to join some guildies in a 5v5 arena team last night and finally we went in.  It seemed to be very laggy getting into the arena itself though.  We lost the first match and when we all died, we stood up and sat there for a while not leaving the arena. After a minute or so we were let out. We joined again and won the next match.  Same thing happened.. Except… It didn’t let us out.  We stood there for 15 minutes or more and no luck.  Finally we alt-f4’ed out and logged into a different toon.  One of the guys logged a ticket and the GM was able to remove them from the arena but didn’t offer an explanation (I think).

WoWScrnShot_080408_225807 We gave up on the arena idea for now since we didn’t want that to happen again and I went back onto Freez to get some more leveling done.  I was about 6k from getting to 55 and Pil and Kezz logged in and we proceeded to the Burning Steppes. Got most of the quests done there (other than the dungeon and raid ones) and I even got my lockpicking maxed for lvl 55 by opening 2 of the locked doors in BRD while we were over there killing Pyron. I ended up getting really close to level 56 in the end (about 20k I think) but it was really late and I had to log.

Tonight is Gruul’s (in guild) if we have enough ppl to go.  I guess today was a short post again.. 🙂 Well, there really wasn’t much to tell. OH! WAIT! Episode 11 of the Twisted Nether Blogcast is up and running! Go check it out and let us know what you think!

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