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August 2008
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52 Card Pickup

Did you guess? Freez is 52.. Ha.. The levels are coming fast, eh? I’m sure this will slow down when he hits 60. It has the other times too.  Of course, having people to help you kill Devilsaurs in Un’Goro always helps! 😀

I tried that PlayXpert thing, but it was a bust.. I couldn’t type into the overlays. It might be something with my video driver or the Live Mesh thing I have also (which has it’s own video driver thingy I think).  Ah well.  I can do without it, just seemed pretty cool..

So, back to WoW. I spent the night killing and collecting in Un’Goro (like I said).  We had a pretty good time and got to 52 1/2. After we were done, I went to Darnassus to turn in a quest (soil quest) and then go to the rogue trainer.. It was at that point that I discovered that Freez didn’t have enough gold to fully train all the stuff that was available! Ooops! So, I logged into my bank and transferred him some money.  At that point it was really late and I decided to call it a night.  I’ll finish his training tonight.. 😛

Dedisaur_080108_011152 I will probably be logging in “late” tonight and so if there is a guild raid, I will probably not be on it (unless it starts late too).  I really should take some time and do some dailies to build back up some more reserve in my cash. I’ve been using it lately for leveling Enchanting and JC on Freez. Or I might just level Freez some more.  Getting to level 53 tonight would be nice..

I’ll be back on Monday then with a recap of the weekend (possibly) or just some general ramblings… I’m pretty good at those, eh?