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July 2008
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A “Burning” Desire..

Last night was a “nostalgia” night in Mythos although I didn’t set foot inside MC until well after TBC (I took a hiatus from WoW for a while when I hit 59 or so. We dragged ~14 of us kicking and screaming into the fiery pit of doom! It was a blast. I have to say I was really tired and given that most of the fights I was either de-cursing the whole time or just spamming wrath (cuz I was enjoying myself and not caring as much about mana) I think I fell asleep for about 10 seconds a few times.  (Yes, I brought Fyra)

We only wiped once on the Baron because we just really weren’t paying attention I think.  Tanks and melee were staying in on the big blow up thing and I missed my “pot” button on the way down from being thrown up in the air (and subsequently was the first or second to die.. bah).

Golemagg_073008_003314 When we got to Rag, there was a point at which I took over some healing since most of the healers had been blown away and were trying to get back into the fight. Of course, given the healing aggro I picked up, I got smoked by his little adds when he submerged. I got a battle rez and then rezzed our rogue and we took the big dude down!  It was pretty awesome all in all and the one non-70 we brought (an alt hunter of one of our tanks) got 4 Giantstalker pieces!  It was pretty funny. 

But anyway.  Again, it was a good time and I think we all appreciated the “break” it gave from the normal grinding/farming/raiding/instancing/etc. Tonight it’s back to Kara. I signed Fyra up and actually am hoping to be able to go. She still really needs a TON of badges and still doesn’t have the T4 helm (of course that would be the Thursday part of the run anyway).

Hammer_073008_011544 I finally got Freez up to >300 enchanting and also went and got his Master level of enchanting skill.. Now it is just a matter of picking which enchants I’m going to do to level myself up.  I already got to 310 doing +ap to my bracers.  Since it uses Arcane Dust and I had > 400…. I should (hopefully) have enough mats to get me up pretty high.  We’ll just have to see. I’m sure I will also be getting even more of those mats as he levels up and upgrades gear.  Since I can d/e my own soulbound greens/blues/purples.. :D  Exciting times, eh?

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