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July 2008
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Rogue Riding Reports Rapidly Reaffirmed

Yes! It is true! Freez finally got his mount! I picked the Pinto Bridle for whatever reason and I really like my horse. As much as it is “standard” they really put time and effort into making them look and “feel” good.

In fact, Freez not only got to 40, he got to 41! We did quests in and around Theramore last night (What? A Week without Kara? Are you kidding?!?!?!) and basically cleared out the whole Dustwallow Marsh zone. Also, as one of the quest rewards, Freez got a pimpin’ hat (The Wanderer’s Cover)! I suppose it is better than nothing, eh? (well, maybe not…)

Pimpin_071008_235427 His Warcrafter Page shows that he is moving along I suppose. I finally got some “decent” swords and think I am doing to dual-wield swords for a while possibly.  I need to go respec and put my points in better places. And suggestions from you Roguish types out there? (Hint Hint, Nudge Nudge)

WalkOnWater_071008_225315 Tonight we are going to try to continue (well, start over) the Gruul’s run. Hopefully we will get a few more people than on Tuesday and have more of a chance. 

I may or may not be posting much for the next week, but I’ll see what I can do. I also will probably not be playing WoW all that much either. There will still be a Twisted Nether for this Monday and I think we have something special planned for the next week.. Stay tuned!

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