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July 2008
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Roguing It in STV

Walking… Running… Can’t do it anymore. Freez’s legs can’t take it. *Huff* *Puff*… Soo.. Soo.. Close…

Last night was a continuation of the trials and tribulations of leveling my (originally) mid-30s rogue. Pil and Kezz once again joined me in Stranglethorn and we set out to finish up a few quests. They are > level 40 and since 2.4.3 is not out yet, I still do not have a mount. I started the evening at level 38 1/2. I ended at 39 1/2.. Arg! So Close!

We did a few quests in STV (Have I mentioned that I hate “collect ‘x’ hoozywhatiz that drop off of moberrific” quests? Well, I do!) and then proceeded to go kill ogres up in the Alterac Mountains. Snowy_071008_000027 Finished up a bunch of quests I had up there and then we ended up calling it a night. I ran back to Ironforge to turn in a quest and then to Stormwind to turn in another one.

In the end I was level 39 1/2 and ready for that last 1/2 so I can go get my mount.. But wait.. Do I want to?  Or should I wait until the patch so I can get it for cheaper? I have been building back up my monies from spending on my epic flight for my druid.  I would like to get the epic flight for my Priest too (since he is my miner).. Hmm..  I suppose the price of the current skiill/mount is really not very expensive.. Bah!

Fyra_070908_212532 I did pick up the Pauldrons of Tribal Fury for Fyra for the 60 Badges (I had 66). It has a nice amount of spell hit, so I could trade out a belt I had with spell hit with one that had other stats I could use more.  With these new shoulders she is now exactly on the hit cap I think.. WOOT!

Tonight is the continuation of the Kara run I didn’t join last night. If they need me tonight, I might join up, but I would prefer to bring Fyra if I can. Otherwise, maybe we can go back to L2P My Rogue.. :D  Peace!

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