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July 2008
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Time for Rhuun

Ooooooh.. That was pretty bad. Sorry about that.. Somewhat fitting given the number of times we had to run out to reset the High King last night. I brought Fhuun to the party. We tried many, many, many, many, many times to kill him and just couldn’t do it. We were missing a few DPS (around 4 I think) and just couldn’t make up for it.

We even killed the 3 trash mobs again when they respawned.  The second time through them we got 2 priests and just couldn’t keep them from healing.  It took a very long time to take them down. The HK fight was just lots of learning I think.  We had a few folk who either hadn’t been there before or hadn’t been there on that particular toon.  I think we are planning on going back on Friday to give it another go.  I think if we get the peeps then we can do it.

Freez_070908_095355 After Gruul’s was scrapped, Pil and Kezz joined me in Stranglethorn again to work on our little (gettin’ bigger) alts.  It was pretty late when we started, so we didn’t go on for very long, but Freez got another level and is now at 38. I imagine I will hit 40 before the patch comes out.  I am hoping for this coming tues for the patch so I can at least save money on the mount itself. This will be my first horse mount.  I have 2 cats and an elekk right now. I still haven’t leveled a Dwarf or Gnome yet.. Maybe one of them is next (my paladin is dorf and mage and warlock are gnome).

Tonight is the Kara run and if Fyra can get into it, maybe she can get some more pieces of gear.  I am thinking I might go get the Moon-walkers at some point soon anyway.  I like the boots I have, but boots with +spellhit will let me replace the Robe of the Crimson Order I have now with something better without sacrificing my spellhit rating (which is alomost capped).