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July 2008
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Karamedy of Errors

Wednesday is Kara night, as usual (well, usual now) and this time Pil and I shared the “leading” responsibility.  He did most of the talking and marking and I did most of the improv during fights where things went wonky (that IS the technical term btw). 

I brought in Fyra as DPS (although I popped out to help heal a couple times when the “fan” was “hit”).  We brought in 2 Warriors as tanks, 1 rogue, 1 Resto Druid, 1 Enhancement Shaman (I think enh…), 2 Hunters, 1 Mage, 1 Priest and da Cluckin’ Chicken (in Fyra form).

The run was full of pretty strange stuff. Attumen wasn’t giving us any issues until somehow all the undead from the other room joined in the fray! Didn’t last too much longer after that (well, we didn’t). We got him down just fine on the next pass.

DaPoles_070208_215628 We moved up to head to Moroes and instead of just pulling half the table out to the stairs, we seemed to get the whole table! And there was wipe #2… Moroes fight itself went just fine though and the Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran dropped.. MINEMINEALLMINE!  Woot! Finally upgraded my healing cloak.

The Opera was up next and we got the Big Bad Wolf event. Not too bad although most of us died, Kezz succeeded in bringing him down (I think she was the last dps standing) and then we made our way up to the Curator (skipping the Maiden so we could get to the Shade at least).

WoWScrnShot_070208_233245 The Curator was pretty much a pushover, although since we had 2 melee dps peeps the adds took much longer to get down. We still took him down in about 4 minutes.

The Shade of Aran gave us a few headaches until we were at the point of “one last time”.  The first try doesn’t really count all that much since he did a Flame Wreath right away and someone moved and then kept bouncing into the wreath and we all died. In the end, it was he that was dead and the rest of us on a port back to Shat.

books_070208_235654 I was hoping to get to the Prince last night, but with the odd wipes and issues we were having, it was not to be.  After Kara, a couple of us went and did a few quests in SMV to relax and make a little gold to pay for the repair bills :).

Don’t know what time I will be able to login tonight. We have guests in from out of town and I am seemingly not privy to the plans at this point.  If i don’t make it on time, I am sure that someone else will head up the rest of the run. It’s almost the weekend (tomorrow is a holiday for US’ians.. 😛 ).. Later all!