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July 2008
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Heroic Archestrations

To have consisted of a Heroic Arcatraz run, last night did. (huh?) So, Fyra went into Arcatraz to rescue the fearless little ball of (you talk too much, just shoot the friggin mob!) gnome named Millhouse Manastorm for the Tenacity quest from the Na’aru.

We were going to try SSC, but we just don’t have the peeps right now.  Summer is a bummer when it comes to raids it seems.

It went really well and we moved right along.  We had really no problems with the first boss (big shadow dude). I was asked to help out with "party” healing while Pil (our preist) healed the tank.  No problem..

WoWScrnShot_070108_222159 Then onto the couple across the room from each other.  We had some issues with the demon ladies right before them for some reason.  We kept getting 2 at a time and wiped at least twice.  Finally we took em down and the bosses went down pretty easily also.

Moving on, we made it through the meteor storm that is the 2 elemental dudes near the end and then the final boss.  Harbringer Skyriss itself (himself?) was actually not so bad.  We lost Kezz on one of the creatures before it shows up, but I battle rezzed and all was fine.. 4 badges pretty easily and I finished up that quest. 

Evercore_070208_021016 After turning that in, I took a little time off and then when I came back, Fyra did some questing in Netherstorm.  After soloing the dude at the top of the mountain and then getting the “plans” for the SSO quest, a rare spawn showed up, Ever-Core the Punisher. Easy to kill since he isn’t elite and his drop was just, eh..

But, anyway, I hearthed back to Shat to turn in quests and when I turned in the one that leads to getting the key for Arc (yeah, I didn’t have it yet) Fyra hit Exalted with Sha’tar. Stopit_070108_222209This is the first outland exalted she has gotten (even beat out Violet Eye!) and it was very exciting.  Not really much to get in terms of gear or recipes though. I think Fimlys’ first outland exalted was Sha’tar too.. 🙂

Tonight is first 1/2 Kara night.  I might push for us to try to get all the way to the Prince if we can since I am not sure I will be able to go tomorrow night since we have company coming to stay with us for the long weekend.  I suppose we shall have to see how it goes!

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